You should make old games!                       Stop doing modern graphics! Rays were not meant to be traced. They have played us for fools!                       The children yearn for the instagib arena. Let them frag!                       Undertale was made in GameMaker!                       Creativity through constraint!                       The coolest people are making pixel art!
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hey devs! wow so Unity really is going for the enshittification speedrun and apparently this site has gotten waaaay more views than I ever expected already, so it's about time I quit procrastinating and make some progress. expect some actual work to be done on updates soon! top priority is getting pages set up for each engine and starting on writing content for them (things y'all probably care the most about, like a brief history, tech requirements, community links, etc).

do note however that this is not intended to be a super serious guide or offer advice for commercially viable games. my goal is to offer a resource for anyone who wants to create something "retro" or just plain unusual with the joy of creation being their top priority. if you want to work with something modern, I highly recommend both Unreal Engine and Godot. hit me up on Mastodon if you've got any questions/suggestions/etc, I'm more than happy to help however I can, especially if you're a noob that's feeling panicked about the Unity situation. fuck 'em, we'll move forward without their corporate bullshit.

- admin